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New Book: Through the Window: Kinship and Elopement in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Doubt)‏
This book is not about war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, evil, or the killing of a society. It is about a cultural heritage, something vital to a society as a society, something that was not killed in the previous war, something that is resilient.
Through the Window brings an original perspective to folklore of Bosnians at a certain period of time and the differences and similarities of the three main ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It examines the transethnic character of cultural heritage, against divisions that dominate their tragic recent past. The monograph focuses in particular on customs shared by different ethnic groups, specifically elopement, and affinal visitation. The elopement is a transformative rite of passage where an unmarried girl becomes a married woman. The affinal visitation, which follows, is a confirmatory ceremony where ritualized customs between families establish in-lawships These customs reflect a transethnic heritage shared by people in Bosnia as a national group, including Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Svetlana Slapšak
Chapter 1 The Study of Elopement
Chapter 2 The Liminality of Elopement
Chapter 3 An Extraordinary Elopement
Chapter 4 Habitus in Bosnia
Chapter 5 Deciding in a Blink
Chapter 6 The Secret and Elopement
Chapter 7 Elopement and Ego-Identity
Chapter 8 The Risk of Foreclosure in the Arranged Marriage
Chapter 9 Family Folklore and Elopement
Chapter 10 Affinal Relations after Elopement
Chapter 11 Bosnia’s Kin in Turkey
Chapter 12 Balkan Ethnology
Chapter 13 Bosnian Folk
Chapter 14 Ethnicity and Nationality
Chapter 15 Accounting for Bosnian Culture

Appendixes: Survey Report, Marco Index Bosnia Survey Question in English and Bosnian Qualitative Interview Protocol Consent Form in Bosnian

"This is a book about something that bears vital importance for the society itself, about something that has not been destroyed in the war and keeps surviving. Therefore, this is a book, first and foremost, about implicit culture of Bosnian spiritual space, about that part of culture of authentic living, which is in the basis of the most intimate and sensitive life experiences and events. I would like to add that this is a book about the most sensitive and vulnerable components of culture, but also, the most resilient elements which cannot be “spent” through time. This is, therefore, a book about that part of implicit culture, which, in Kolesnichenko's words, never depends on “leading political circumstances”, that is, on circumstances created by “the political system”, and which, like a snowdrop that grows on a piece of ground where snow has melted, finds its place among cruel, artificially made constructions of human society."-- Adnan Tufekčić, University of Tuzla