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Publication: Eurasiatique. The rise of radicalism in Europe, Russia and Eurasia

The University of Toronto’s Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (CERES) is seeking submissions for its 2015 edition of Eurasiatique, the Centre’s graduate student journal. The journal aims to showcase graduate work from multiple disciplines that focuses on Europe, Russia, and Eurasia. This year’s journal will combine student work from the University of Toronto with that of other premier universities and institutes. In this volume, we welcome graduate-level submissions that address the rise of radicalism in Europe, Russia and Eurasia.

From local food bank dispensaries, to the European Union’s parliamentary elections, to coalition-building for and against the Islamic State, radicalism within and beyond Europe has become a hot-topic issue. In the third volume of this journal, Eurasiatique strives to map out this uncertain and shifting terrain.

Eurasiatique welcomes English language submissions of engaging and creative work. The editorial board invites graduate students’ original submissions of up to 3000 words (excluding references) in Chicago Style format. Book Reviews (500-750 words) and Film Reviews (300-500 words) are also welcome. Explorations on the rise of radicalism in Europe, Russia and Eurasia may include, but are not limited, to:

 Member recruitment and radicalization

 Identity and heritage

 Voting, elections, parties, and party systems

 Immigration

 Internal/external security and role of the state

 European Union expansion

 “East-West” or “North-South” divisions and paradigms

 The role of media

 Transnational and regional understandings of political radicalism

 Economic issues

 Reconceptualising definitions/theories around political radicalism

 Changing demographics

 Manifestations of political radicalism in Europe/neighbouring regions

 Institutional credibility

 Fundamentalism

 Parties of the far right and left

Please send all work to by Friday, January 23rd, 2015. After careful review, selected authors will be contacted by February 16th 2015. We look forward to reading your submissions!