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Workshop: The 1999 NATO Bombing: Memories, Narratives and Histories. Belgrade 27-28 February 2015‏

We are pleased to announce a call for written contributions and an invitation to a two-day workshop at the Belgrade-based Center for Comparative Conflict Studies (CFCCS), Faculty of Media and Communications (FMK).

Fifteen years after the NATO intervention in the Kosovo Crisis and the 1999 bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRJ), this historical event is among the most contested memories in post-Milosevic Serbia. Research on the recent memories and narratives of the NATO bombing is however still scarce and underthematized.

In the workshop we aim to bring together a group of scholars to engage with questions related to this event and its current remembering in Serbia. We are searching for participants who will present their research on themes related to the memories, narratives and histories of the 1999 NATO bombing of the FRJ.

All papers and discussions will take place in English. In the follow-up of the workshop we will aim for a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal. Details will be specified after the workshop.

Proposals for contribution and participation in the workshop are to be submitted by December 15, 2014, to In your proposal please include a cover letter indicating your academic affiliation, research interests, recent publications and the abstract of your proposed paper. All applicants will be informed of the decision of acceptance by December 23, 2014.

Selected contributors will need to send their written paper by Friday February 13, 2015 to be circulated among workshop participants, to deliver a first draft of the proposed paper on February 27-28, 2015 during the workshop in Belgrade, to discuss all contributions and to prepare the final version of their paper after the workshop.

All costs of participation in the workshop are to be covered by the participants.

Orli Fridman, Center for Comparative Conflict Studies (CFCCS), Faculty of Media and Communications (FMK) / School for International Training (SIT)
Krisztina Rácz, University of Ljubljana / Centre for Southeast European Studies, University of Graz