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EU Winter School, Prishtina. 19-23 January 2015

EU Winter School 2015 Organised by the EU Scholarship Scheme projects, the European Young Cells Alumni – Kosovo and the University of Prishtina 
 “EU Affairs and Europeanization of Kosovo’s Society, Economy and Politics through EU Accession” 
19-23 January 2015 at University of Prishtina 2 ECTS Credits Certificate of attendance Professors and Practitioners from EU and Kosovo Debates, workshops, interactive lectures Topics covered: EU Integration, Accession, Lobbying, EU Policies, Europeanization, Diversity and Minority Rights. 
Open to undergraduate students from Kosovo and the region. 
NO participation fee required, however, no accommodation or other assistance is provided for regional students! 
Only 40 students will be accepted. Interested to apply? 
Fill in the application form at: