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Conference: Comparative Memory Activism & Conflict Transformation: Practices and Challenges in Israel/Palestine and in Serbia/Kosovo. Israel, 22-29 November 2015

The Center for Comparative Conflict Studies (CFCCS) with the support of Robert Bosch Stiftung will be leading a one-week intensive Study seminar on Comparative Memory Activism in Israel/Palestine and Serbia/Kosovo from November 22-29, 2015.

Members of civil society organizations, activists, journalists and scholars engaged in Memory Work from Serbia and Kosovo are invited to apply to participate in this unique week-long program on the topics of Politics of Memory, Conflict Transformation and Memory Activism as related to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Seminar Description

The seminar will focus on memory work among Israelis and Palestinians as related to themes such as: hegemonic memories vs. alternative ones: the memory of 1948, the memory of 1967, the memory of the Jewish holocaust and others.

The 7-day study seminar will focus on memory struggles within the context of societies in conflict and will allow participants to engage with questions of mnemonic battles as related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and reflect back to their work and mnemonic battles currently taking place in Serbia and Kosovo.

The seminar will include lectures delivered by academics and scholars of Memory Studies and Conflict Studies; visits to different sites of memory; and meetings with activists engaged in Memory Activism and conflict transformation. The seminar will additionally include facilitated group discussions, which will allow participants to reflect on the seminar themes and experiences as well as to engage in comparative analysis with focus on politics of memory in the Western Balkans and particularly in Serbia and Kosovo.

Application requirements

CFCCS invites interested candidates to submit a complete application that includes:

* CV;
* Motivation letter: Please submit your motivation letter explaining your interest and reason to partake in the seminar as well as your possible contribution to the learning process of the group;
* One letter of recommendation (sent directly by the recommender to;
* A short sample of writing: please submit a short text that relates to your work, to a possible recent project you led or participated in as related to the themes of the seminar on politics of memory and memory activism. The text should be written as a short blog entry (no longer than 300 words).

All applications should be sent by email to our project coordinator, Aleksandar Skundric at

The closing date for applications is September 21, 2015.

To be considered, candidates will have to meet the following criteria

* All candidates have to be engaged in activism, practice, scholarly work (as related to practice) all related to memory activism, memory work and commemorative cultures in Serbia and Kosovo;
* English fluency in understanding, speaking and writing to be able to fully participate in the seminars program, lectures, site visits and group discussions, and to be able to write a short blog post in English during the week-long seminar.
* Candidates have to show at least 2 years of experience prior to their participation in the study seminar;
* Participants have to be based in Serbia/Kosovo at the time of their application and during the year following their participation in the seminar;
* Valid Passport (participants carrying a Kosovar Passport will apply for visa to Israel).

**Candidates are not expected to have any prior knowledge about the Middle East and/or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but are expected to show good understanding of local processes in the Western Balkans.

The group will consist of 10 participants (5 from Serbia and 5 from Kosovo).

Seminar costs including travel and accommodation will be covered by the organizers.

Expectations from seminar participants

* Before the seminar participants will be expected to partake in a preparatory meeting in Belgrade at CFCCS which will also include pre-seminar presentations and discussions;
* During the seminar participants will be expected to:
* write a blog entry reflecting on their experience from the week-long seminar and its relevance to their work in Serbia and/or Kosovo. The text will be posted on the CFCCS blog. The blog will have to include at least 500 words with a meaningful contribution to discuss the themes of the seminar.
* present their work on memory activism in Serbia or Kosovo (of a preferable specific project) to local audience in an event in Tel Aviv;
* After the seminar participants will be expected to continue their engagement with the group and with CFCCS. This post seminar commitment will include the following:
* Each participant will be expected to organize a local event in her/his respective local community, inviting their colleagues, students and peers to share their experience from the seminar and its relevance to cultures and politics of memory and to possible conflict transformation processes in Serbia and Kosovo.
* Participants will be expected to partake in the presentations organized by the seminar group members, to include their travel [at least once] to/from Kosovo/Serbia (travel and accommodation will be organized and covered by CFCCS).

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Aleksandar Skundric at

The project was made possible by funding from the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

For more details please visit